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Melaka Stopover


After a few days in KL we are having 3 nights in Melaka. We decided to avoid the whole Christmas thing by staying on in a quieter town where we could just relax a bit. Melaka does have a reasonably sized Christian community, of Chinese, Tamil and Portuguese descent. St Francis Xavier Church was in full swing last evening for Christmas Eve services and the old Dutch Christ church in Dutch Square was going off this morning when we walked by after brekky.

We have been following the river walk path way to get into town from our hotel about a leisurely 20 minute stroll away.

The food here has some interesting twists on standard Malaysian food with the Nyonya culture adding its unique flavours. Nyonya, or sometimes Nyonya-Baba, refers to the intermarriage of straits Chinese (Melaka is on the waterway known as the Melaka Straits) with local Malays. There are variations on this with Tamil Indian/Malay and Portuguese/Malay heritage. We were also recommended by a local who lives in Adelaide (thanks Anne) to try the Chicken Rice Ball, a variation on what we know as Hainanese Chicken Rice but with the rice served as ping-pong sized balls. It hit the spot at lunch today.

Melaka is more relaxed than KL by a long shot and I am glad we decided to chill here for a few days before coming home. I write from poolside…

I am on the third lounge along! Photo taken earlier today before breakfast.

Typical local laksa with prawns and tofu

The original 16th century Dutch church in Red (Dutch) Square

Roasted Chicken and Rice Balls – Yummy!

St. Francis Xavier statue on St Paul’s Hill

Google the missing hand of St Francis Xavier for some superstitions…