Kuala Lumpur Stopover


It really is all about the food. I promise an ‘all food’ post once I get home and sort all of our photos out on computer. We ran out of room to back everything up to my iPad so I still have some of Roo’s great chops to share. A meanwhile here are some shots from Kuala Lumpur of food and other things!

Dedicated Roti chef at breakfast in KL hotel. Yes! With chicken curry sauce or nice yellow dahl.

Sweet and succulent chicken with great peanut satay sauce

Best time of day in the tropics? Beer o’clock

Petronis towers, symbol of KL

Having a live fish foot spa. Little fishes suck off the dead stuff and leave you with soft and smooth feet. Tickles like hell for the first two minutes then you get mesmerized just watching the little buggers!

Big time Christmas decorations. We were truly gob-smacked at how ‘into Christmas’ all of the Malaysians seem to be. Given it is a predominately Islamic country we thought it would be low key, but there are people going around in Santa caps. In this heat and humidity!


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