Back in Rajistan


I often comment when traveling that I could live in the place I am visiting. In the first two weeks in India, there were many places I liked, but it wasn’t until I reached Udaipur on Lake Pichola in southern Rajastan, that I actually uttered the words.

The white city is full of winding lanes and beautiful shops with textiles and miniature paintings depicting lovely landscapes, religious icons and animals. The elephant, horse and camel were most common as well as the occasional tiger or peacock.

Most of the main sights are walking distance and the city is much more walkable than other cities we have visited. As much as we have enjoyed the cycle rickshaws and tuk-tuks it was nice to use our own steam.

We spend a long afternoon in the City Palace meandering the labyrinthine hallways and beautiful courtyards. Later we hit the water for a ferry ride that stops at Jagmandir Island where you can stroll the park-like grounds of a little hotel and get some photos looking back to the mainland.

Warning: this place is thoroughly addictive.

Painted wall panel, City Palace

Little window

The City Palace carrier pigeons had a reasonable standard of accommodation

A cool courtyard for a hot Rajistan climate

A entryway to the palace with glass roof decorations

Can you see me in the palace mirror?

Looking out from the palace to the lake and city below

Ghat near the footbridge. All sorts of things go on here besides just laundry.

View of al fresco dining at Ambrai. We had a lovely evening meal there one evening, sitting right on the corner with a great view.

Welcoming elephants at the hotel on Jagmandir Island

Looking back at the City Palace from the ferry on a perfect Udaipur day


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