Orchha to Khajuraho


The small town of Orchha is a quiet respite from the noise and pollution of the bigger cities in the north. After Agra, Orchha was a soothing balm. Plenty to see but not much traffic, nor too many touts. Our accommodation was a heritage property with lovely grounds, alongside a wide rocky river.

One day we went to a fortified palace in the morning then attended the evening service at a Hindu temple. Next day we went to see the old cenotaphs along the river, built to commemorate the dead. And we briefly walked through an abandoned Hindu temple.

In Khajuraho we spent a few hours wandering the large park-like grounds of the western group of temples famous for their erotic carvings before an overnight sleeper train to Varanassi.

Here are some images.


The fortified castle: depiction of a battle with the British


Colorful house and coke sign


Colorful house


Cenotaphs at sunset


Cenotaph in the morning


Even Ganesh gets in on the action at Khajuraho


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