Rickshaws, bazaars and chapatis


We have moved on from Delhi to Jaipur, the pink city where is is deemed that all the houses in the old city must retain a facade of pale terracotta pink.

Delhi was intense, but there is something more earthy here in Jaipur. More animals (holy cow) roaming the streets, less cars, more motorcycles and cycle rickshaws, dirtier streets. But colours and cooking aromas abound. We went to see a Bollywood movie and had a walk around the bazaar and, of course, a cycle richshaw ride.

The food here is truly wonderful and we have sampled many dishes. Our current favourite is the vegetable kofta curry, balls of veggies bound with potato.

Jaipur is the capitol of Rajistan and the state is famous for the whirl of colours. Outside the old city there are spectacularly colored houses and women in the brightest saris possible.

This is truly some experience.








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